Trial Flight Voucher Terms & Conditions

1. Gift Vouchers are transferable however cannot be returned or cancelled after purchase;

2. All Gift Vouchers will expire 6 months after their date of purchase (Gift Voucher Expiry Date);

3. Any unused Gift Voucher at the Gift Voucher Expiry Date will not be refunded;

4. For extenuating circumstances the Vouchers’ expiry may be extended, prior to the original expiry, at the discretion of WAC up to a maximum of an additional 3 months.

5. Gift Vouchers cannot be exchanged, refunded, or redeemed for cash. Gift Vouchers are not money, legal tender, account cards, credit, charge or debit cards or securities;

6. Gift vouchers can be reprinted if lost or stolen. If you suspect an unauthorised activity, immediately report this to WAC or email admin@wanganuiaeroclub.co.nz providing all details including proof of purchase, gift voucher number and a photo ID for verification purposes;

7. The Voucher holder is entitled to rebook the Trial Flight if the Wanganui Aero Club is notified within 48hrs of the scheduled arrangement.

8. If at the time of scheduled flight the voucher holder does not attend, the voucher will become null and void and no monies will be refunded.

9. WAC reserves the right to cancel a flight due to:

a. Unsuitable weather,

b. Aircraft maintenance conflict

c. Voucher holder not fit to fly

d. If the trial flight in cancelled by WAC through no fault of the voucher holder, WAC will rebook the flight at no additional charge.

10. The Voucher must be presented at time of use.

11. After purchase of either our pre-solo packages you decide to terminate your training, or are otherwise unable to continue through accident or injury; the admin, cancellation and refund fee is $100. This will be deducted from the balance of your account.