Get a Pilot’s Licence (PPL/CPL)

If you only want to fly privately, or as a hobby, this is the licence for you. A Private Pilot’s licence allows you to take passengers in an airplane, anywhere in the country for your own purposes.



You may be any age to begin training, however you must be 16 to go solo and 17 to be issued a Private Pilot Licence.


You need to have a minimum of a Drivers DL9 medical certificate to fly solo and hold a PPL. A regular Fit and healthy person should pass without problem.  


  • Flight Radio Telephony

  • Human Factors

  • Meteorology

  • Aircraft Technical Knowledge and Principles of Flight

  • Navigation

  • Law

These are external examinations which are multi-choice, requiring a 70% pass rate. NCEA credits can be issued for achievements such as passing exams and first solo.


Flight Time

You must complete at least 50 hours total flight training with an organisation like the Wanganui Aero Club. The minimum hour requirements are as follows:

  • 15 hours dual instruction

  • 15 hours solo flight

  • 5 hours instrument flight

  • 10 hours cross-country navigation training

  • 5 hours Terrain and Weather Awareness Dual Instruction

On completion of the PPL flight training Syllabus you must pass a practical flight test which will include all normal and emergency in-flight manoeuvres. This flight test is proving you can accurately control an aircraft without assistance in any scenario, while demonstrating Airmanship and compliance with Civil Aviation Rules.


Few. A Private Pilot licence is similar to a drivers licence in the way that you are almost unrestricted for personal use, but you cannot fly commercially, or, for hire or reward - A commercial licence (CPL) is required for this.